NATIVE NEST was born with the intent to call attention to the life cycle of the materials we use to fill and adorn our spaces. By utilizing pieces that have been ethically manufactured and/or procured, we are opting to sway the pendulum towards a more sustainable future. We source materials made from rapidly renewable natural resources to create balance and fluidity within each space. History, culture, identity, and environment all serve as the foundation for the interiors we create.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea


Social and environmental responsibility/ Empowerment

It’s imperative in life to build an environment that is conducive to eliciting peace and creativity. Function, organization, and a balance of natural elements play a vital role in how we function as humans on a daily basis, and I have been witness to the struggles of so many people that have yet to arrive in this state of being. The idea of empowerment by way of well executed design is to ignite personal capability and confidence in the individual that ultimately transfers positivity and determination back into the self, our communities, and society as a whole. 



Over the last ten years, I’ve traveled to 22 different countries amongst 5 continents, and observed numerous cultures and their relations to the spaces they inhabit. I’ve heard horror stories of war, ethnic cleansing, religious persecution, and ever shifting borders. What I took away was the fact that all of these individuals were able to create a place of comfort for themselves wherever they were. NATIVE NEST originates from the idea of flight, eventually landing in a grounded place regardless of borders, while simultaneously having the utmost respect for the surrounding culture and environment. 



This field has many layers to it, which I wasn’t fully privy to until I ventured out on my own professionally. It involves having a deep understanding of color, pattern, texture, geometry, ratios, scale, numbers, psychology, sociology, and so much more. At the end of the day, I utilize everything I know to create influential spaces that leave an impression on anyone that occupies them. Long term or even for a moment. It’s leaving a piece of myself to inspire someone else.  


Yoko Ono’s “Peace is Power” MOMA NYC 2017

Classic Home Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

RHome Magazine Jan/Feb 2017

Best of Houzz Award for Interior Designers 2017